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Clear Choice Roofing - Our Business Motto

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Clear Choice Roofing is based in Bloomington Illinois, withholding true values and the desire to provide our local community with the services that they deserve. We understand the hesitation when browsing for a contractor or someone to work on the home in which you live. These qualities of expectations lay the foundation in which Clear Choice Roofing operates in Bloomington Illinois and surround areas.

We are here for you; attributing close attention to detail and working for your satisfaction. Each of our employees are highly trained in all roofing services, and carry a relative to motive to that of Clear Choice Roofing. Our goal is to stand out amongst roofing companies, and provide answers and updates to each homeowner just as they deserve; after all, it is your home.

Knowledgeable staff members ensure that our services are of top-notch quality, and constructed to last. Temporary quality is as bad as no quality at all, and each of our standards are refined along the concept of longevity. This is easily accomplished by operating with only the highest quality brands and equipment. Family generations have established exclusive personal roofing knowledge within Clear Choice. This opens the door of trust, as homeowners recognize that no matter the roof type; we have worked on one before.

Our services are located and target Bloomington IL, although we provide to all surrounding areas as well. These services include all roof repairs & maintenance, 3-4 season additions, windows & doors, and decks & patios. Each phone call is handled with diligence as we strive to find the root of your problem. We also recognize that honesty is the most important, and if the issues you are experience can be easily resolved without the added dollar; we'll let you know.

Here at Clear Choice Roofing, Bloomington IL

We enjoy supporting the community in which we were established, and offer fair pricing to each and every homeowner. Conduct an entire consultation over the phone for no charge at all. Our team is available 24/7 to answer even the most complex questions, and look forward to helping you in any way.

A home is where we spend a large majority of our lives, place our security in, or even raise a family. Why not protect it in the best way you can?

Make the Clear Choice, and reach out to us today, we look forward to securing your home for you and your loved ones.

Dan earned our business by selling me on his value, explaining his business model to me, and walking me through the company history. My decision was locked in when he told me that it would take three days to do my roof the way he would want it done. All other contractors said that they could do it in one long day; this was not a selling point for me. When all is said and done, we now have have a great new rood, Dans’ team was awesome, courteous, professional, and cleaned up so well you would never know they had been at my house. If you know where I live stop by and take a look. In summary, high quality install, high quality product, and a fair price

- Clear Choice Roofing
  Bloomington, Illinois