s Clear Choice Roofing - Bloomington, IL | Common Roofing Questions

Clear Choice Roofing - Bloomington, IL | Common Roofing Questions

Clear Choice Roofing - Common Roofing Questions

Frequently asked roofing questions in bloomington il 10 April

Warm weather is approaching, rain is falling, and Clear Choice Roofing in Bloomington Illinois is here for your homeowner or business needs. We have serviced the Bloomington Community and surrounding areas for years with high quality services and affordable prices. Whether it be simple roof inspections, minor/major leaks, complete roof installations, we provide it all. As a business dedicated to customer satisfaction, allow us to ease your anxiety when searching for a roofing contractor

How can you tell when an asphalt shingle roof is in need of a replacement?
The biggest sign is the calculation of age. How long have you had your asphalt shingles? You may need to contact the previous homeowner in order to determine this. If the age of your roof is more than 20 years, it is most likely due for a replacement. However it is important to note that younger roofs can fail too, and therefore you may want to perform an inspection. If you hesitate climbing on a ladder to do so, feel free to give Clear Choice Roofing a call for an honest assessment. Numerous shingles lifting up, cracked or missing shingles, curled edges, or even smooth dark areas are all signs that your roof is in need of replacement. Although you may want to hold off on putting forth this purchase, rain damage is much more expensive than fixing the issue before it gets worse

There are multiple black stains on my roof, is there anything I can do to get rid of them?
These dark streaks are most likely algae, that tend to grow on some types of roof shingles. This is more common in shaded or north facing slopes that do not receive a lot of direct sun light. Although this does not necessarily damage your roof, it is not a preferred look. A simple scrubbing can remove the algae short term, but how do you prevent it from returning? Zing and copper strips mounted to the roof ridge is a very common method. This allows rain water to wash over the strips, picking up ions from the metal, and inhibiting the algae from growing/returning

Is installing a metal roof a task for an amateur?
Amateur is a very general word, especially in roofing. Although a company may put on a positive and credible front, or even performed quality work in the past, that is no guarantee of satisfaction. At Clear Choice Roofing we involve the same contractor in every project, ensuring that the same eyes inspect each detail before, during, and after renovations. There are many details, and even tricks, that go into increasing the longevity of roofing services. These can only be observed from a knowledgeable business, with years of experience.

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