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Clear Choice Roofing - Low Quality Roofing is More Expensive

CertainTeeed high quality roofing brands in bloomington il 29 March

Here at Clear Choice Roofing in Bloomington Illinois, we strive to inform our community of all roofing aspects; ensuring maximum quality is found when purchasing any roof or pursuing a roof repair. There is nothing more expensive than lack of quality. Funneling dollar after dollar into the same cause due to unqualified work slowly adds up, and can be devastating in more ways than one. It is important to ensure a knowledgeable hunt is taking place when searching for a qualified roofer. As a company based in Bloomington Illinois, we hope that you make the Clear Choice, and choose a business based upon high morals and supreme satisfaction.

“Designed to work together, the CertainTeed family of products provides countless options to create the space you’ve always dreamed about”

Our employees are specialized in utilizing top grade supplies on your roof to ensure longevity and overall appearance. Most roofing companies strive to “complete the job”, however at Clear Choice Roofing we provide a pattern of events unlike all other contractors in your area. Not only does our experience date back over 30+ years in the same community, but we provide consistent updates of your construction/repair as they are taking place. Rather than leaving the homeowner blindsided by what is taking place on their home, we offer consultations to explain every roofing detail that is taking place. If you are interested in drone imaging or roof photos during and after your work is completed, do not be afraid to ask, and they will be provided free of charge

With experience comes exponential knowledge. Although textbooks and videos are important for new techniques, the best roofers are those with longevity in the business. Clear Choice Roofing offers a guarantee with each roof they provide. Each employee has been through extensive training, and recognizes the best techniques in the Bloomington IL community to offer supreme quality with this satisfaction guarantee.

Our goal is not only to provide the highest grade roofing services in Bloomington Illinois, but to ease the homeowners mind both when purchasing their roof and after construction is finished. Choose a company that acknowledges the fear and worry when finding a roofer, and is willing to explain each detail of the process until a complete understanding is gathered.

Clear Choice Roofing is a name slowly gaining recognition in the Bloomington Illinois community, with positive testimonials and the number of satisfied customers who made the Clear Choice on the rise. As always we are here for all of your roofing needs, and look forward to consulting in accordance with any regards to your homeowner needs. With an effort to give back to the community in which we were founded, you can expect affordable pricing and top notch quality at any time of the year

Make the Clear Choice, and reach out for a free consultation today

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