Protecting your Roof this Summer - Bloomington, IL

Protecting your Roof this Summer

Protecting your roof from the rain in Bloomington Illinois 6 June

Despite the rain, the warm temperatures are here; summer is finally approaching! Not only is it important to ensure that your roof withholds its durability through the excruciating months of winter, but to consider its current standing as we enter a new season as well. Clear Choice Roofing in Bloomington IL is a year round company that offers services to those in our community and surrounding areas. Whether that be a roof repair, installation, or emergency roof services; we are here for you. If you are unsure of your roofs standing, and cannot view the entire roof from the ground, we also offer fair priced and honest roofing inspections.

Winter is Brutal
Winter is a brutal month on our driveways, our yards, and even our own home. Freezing and thawing can damage/loosen shingles, pounds of snow can add unnecessary weight, and then melt placing water in unexpected areas. It is important to acknowledge that quality companies will build your roof in consideration of these precautions, but sometimes we are not as lucky as we hope, or a simple mistake is made. With this in mind, an inspection is always important after winter months. Finding the problem before it takes place can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. At Clear Choice Roofing, we take photos of every problem we encounter, and explain our detailed process to reaching a resolution. Our inspections are entirely fair and honest, and our solutions are long lasting!

Summer Month Precautions
If your roof is in good standing, and you have a clear view of most of it from the ground, there are still a couple of precautions that should be taken throughout the summer months. Unless you are in a completely shaded area, your home is going to be under direct sunlight on a day to day basis (in accordance with weather). Sun damage can cause faded, chipped, warped, or other abnormal features to your shingles. Unfortunately, these issues are sometimes harder to notice from the ground, but with a close look it should be evident that there is a significant difference in the roof from when it was installed.

Storms and Water Damage
Storms and water damage are the most prominent issue through the summer months. If there are any tree's or branches that hang over your home, we recommend trimming those back to prevent costly damage. Be sure to check your gutters from a window or by hiring another company to ensure that water is running away from the home, and more importantly your roof. Water damage can cause thousands of dollars in repairs, and that tragedy can begin with just one leak

Dan earned our business by selling me on his value, explaining his business model to me, and walking me through the company history. My decision was locked in when he told me that it would take three days to do my roof the way he would want it done. All other contractors said that they could do it in one long day; this was not a selling point for me. When all is said and done, we now have have a great new rood, Dans’ team was awesome, courteous, professional, and cleaned up so well you would never know they had been at my house. If you know where I live stop by and take a look. In summary, high quality install, high quality product, and a fair price

Take these considerations to heart as you proceed throughout the summer months. Do not forget about the vital aspect of your home that protects the heads of your families, or in this case; keep them dry!

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