Selecting your Roofing Contractor - Bloomington, IL

Selecting a Roofing Contractor

Clear Choice Roofing Contractor standing on top of roof 20 March

Here at Clear Choice Roofing, we not only recognize the concern with hiring a professional roofer, but also just how difficult that may be. We are not pleased to admit that even in Bloomington Illinois alone, there is a vast majority of uncertified roofers operating with minimal education or relative experience. How do they get away with it you might ask, but when is the last time you took a look at your roof from an aerial perspective? Unqualified roofers have one intention, and that is simply to cover the top of your home with shingles. Lacking all specifics, measurements, and first hand experience, there are many reasons why not taking the extra step into your roofer selection could be disastrous.

Does the company supply a written contract and estimate?
Hiring a newer roofing company isn't a huge issue, but be sure to evaluate their business ethics. Is there a licensed contractor walking you through each step of the process? Did you receive a quality estimate and report? Is the company planning on using high quality brands. Most of these general questions will have an obvious answer after your first encounter. If you feel uncomfortable in any way about hiring, do not hesitate to reach out; or find a new company all together.

Look for a contractor who offers emergency service
Businesses who offer Emergency services are not only highly responsive, but can also fix the job effectively and efficiently. This means that there should be very little struggle gathering your roofers attention through phone, and that you can expect a reasonable price as the job is done in the most effective manner. Not to mention the detailed quality of your roofing repair will add more worth through longevity and efficiency

Clear Choice Roofing in Bloomington Illinois is a newly founded roofing business, branched from knowledgable roofers with over 30+ years of experience. We guarantee that from your first phone call, you will feel comfortable as you speak to a contractor who actually cares about your satisfaction and homeowner experience. As we walk you through each step of the process, you will consistently know exactly what is taking place on your roof; after all it is your home. Detailed and fair roofing estimates are always provided, and we would be more than happy to take pictures of our completed work to present to you. We are confident in our services, and look forward to giving you and your family the roof that it deserves. Servicing Bloomington IL for over 30 years, and counting!

Make the Clear Choice, and reach out to us today, we look forward to securing the homes of the Bloomington Illinois community.

Dan earned our business by selling me on his value, explaining his business model to me, and walking me through the company history. My decision was locked in when he told me that it would take three days to do my roof the way he would want it done. All other contractors said that they could do it in one long day; this was not a selling point for me. When all is said and done, we now have have a great new rood, Dans’ team was awesome, courteous, professional, and cleaned up so well you would never know they had been at my house. If you know where I live stop by and take a look. In summary, high quality install, high quality product, and a fair price

- Clear Choice Roofing
  Bloomington, Illinois