What Effect Does Cold Weather Have on My Roof? in Bloomington Illinois

What Effect Does Cold Weather Have on My Roof?

A Positive Roofing Experience in Bloomington Illinois 29 Oct

As temperatures are on a continual decline, we might ask the question: "What effect does cold weather have on my roof?". Here at Clear Choice Roofing in Bloomington IL, we take extra precautions to ensure that your roof can withstand extreme temperatures; even to the point of freezing. In this article we will touch on the effects of freezing temperatures, snow, and ice; and branch into how our experienced employees implement methods to keep you worry free during these seasons. Low quality services are proved detrimental during winter months, and October through February are the months that truly put your roofing quality to the test.

Freezing rain is a serious precaution that roofers need to consider within the Bloomington Illinois area. Ice buildup not only imposes strain on shingles, but can also prevent water drainage. This series of events can test your roofing quality in the following manners: stress (through freezing), weight endurance (due to ice buildup), and leak prevention (as water drainage is blocked and ice begins to melt). Even a few inches of water can cause exponential damage to the interior of your home by warping wood frames (eventually leading to mold) and interfering with electrical wiring. Both flat roofs and slanted roofs are prone to water damage if proper installation considerations are not instilled.

Depending on the design of your roof, some are more susceptible to snow damage than others. A flat design evidently does not allow snow to fall or melt appropriately, therefore straining your roof and causing a cold barrier to spike your heating bill through cold seasons. Slanted roofs are more common in the Bloomington IL area, however still feature the same issues at a lower intensity. We do not recommend using a shovel to remove the snow as that can result in extreme damage to your shingles. Some homeowners take a safer route (in regards to their person), and throw rock salt or calcium chloride on the snow to melt the build up on the roof. We also do not recommend this method, as shingles are not build to withstand these harsh chemicals.

So what methods can you take as a homeowner to ensure the durability of your roof during these frigid seasons? Rest assured, a quality roofing team will recognize the possible extremities of your home environment, and use quality materials/methods when performing any roof installations. However, we must admit that not all roofing teams stay true to these values, and you may experience problems during these seasons that provide difficult fixes for any roofing team in winter months. With this in mind, Clear Choice Roofing would like to offer affordable roofing inspections before it is too late. One minor issue can result in thousands of dollars in damages, and we can not emphasize enough how important it is to be sure that your roof is in tip-top shape for winter. There is nothing more expensive than a cheap roof. If you have not inspected your roof for over a year or are simply taking the proactive approach at protection; give us a Call Now and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Dan earned our business by selling me on his value, explaining his business model to me, and walking me through the company history. My decision was locked in when he told me that it would take three days to do my roof the way he would want it done. All other contractors said that they could do it in one long day; this was not a selling point for me. When all is said and done, we now have have a great new rood, Dans’ team was awesome, courteous, professional, and cleaned up so well you would never know they had been at my house. If you know where I live stop by and take a look. In summary, high quality install, high quality product, and a fair price

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